Mr Oliver Campbell
17, Sep 2020

Ensuring that you end up with a beautiful new smile and straight teeth at the end of treatment, it’s very important that you look after your teeth and mouth while wearing braces. After all, having your braces off is a big deal which can be emotional and it is certainly life-changing! The team at Newbury Orthodontic Centre are always very excited to share in this experience and celebrate with the patients when the big day arrives,and the braces are finally removed. Below is a list of very important instructions that need to be followed during treatment to ensure that perfect outcome.

Clean those Teeth!

  • Brushing your teeth at least twice or three times a day when you are wearing braces is a no-brainer. The best times to brush your teeth are in the morning after breakfast before school or work and before you go to bed plus any other time you can fit it to have a quick clean! If you can, brush after meals too especially if you’ve been eating any sugary foods or drinking fizzy drinks.
  • Not brushing with the correct technique and for the correct amount of time will allow soft, yellowy plaque to collect on the teeth, around the braces and at the gum level. It is this plaque which can result in the gums becoming very puffy, red and make them bleed easily.
  • Other side effects include bad breath and an increased risk of tooth decay and cavities in your teeth and around the braces especially if your diet is sugary.Unsightly decay marks can also damage the appearance to the teeth during treatment and unfortunately in many cases, these marks cannot be removed leading to a disappointing result.

Essential items to keep teeth clean during brace treatment:

  • Toothbrush – Electric or manual.
  • Toothpaste – Should contain fluoride to keep the teeth hard.
  • Inter dental brushes -To help clean between the teeth and around the braces
  • Mouthwash – Regular use of a fluoride containing mouthwash will also help protect the teeth during treatment. Try to use it away from main brushing times to get the best protection.
  • Other tips include no smoking which can stain the teeth around the braces.

Protect those teeth!

Protecting your teeth during brace treatment and after the braces are removed can certainly reduce the risk of damaging the teeth and your smile. Sporting injuries to the teeth whether at school or for leisure are very common and can be very distressing and upsetting to everyone if they occur. Newbury Orthodontic Centre is able to provide mouthguards when brace treatment starts and when treatment finishes so let’s protect those teeth!

See your dentist regularly!

It is essential during brace treatment that you continue to see your general dentist regularly. After all, they are experts in dealing with dental problems like tooth-decay and gum-disease. Visits to the dental hygienist can also be very useful to those patients who struggle to maintain that essential level of tooth cleanliness during treatment. They are great at guiding you in the correct way to look after the teeth and gums so that everything is protected, and that new smile is perfect at the end of treatment.

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