adult orthodontics

Adult Orthodontics

It’s never too late to have orthodontic treatment and create a great smile!


Newbury Orthodontic Centre uses a full range of brace systems to tailor individual treatments to our patients. Adult patients are treated on a private basis and we offer state-of-the art brace options to achieve your treatment goals and a smile to be proud of.

If the appearance of the brace is more of a concern, aesthetic (clear) fixed braces, invisible lingual braces which are fixed to the inside of the teeth, e.g. the WIN low profile lingual appliance system, or virtually ‘invisible’ aligners, e.g. Invisalign, may be used depending on the complexity of the clinical situation.

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why consider orthodontics as an adult


You may have missed out on treatment as a child or your teeth may have moved back over the years, either way it is possible to straighten teeth at any age in the majority of cases.

  • Orthodontic treatment can straighten crowded teeth at any age and help boost confidence and create a beautiful smile.
  • Straighter teeth can make it easier to help keep the teeth and gums clean and so reducing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Orthodontic treatment can create a better bite and so help maintain your natural teeth for longer and in some cases, help prevent further wear of your teeth.
  • Orthognathic (jaw) surgery – for those patients with the severest orthodontic problems including facial deformity, we are able to offer combined orthodontic/surgical treatment to address both dental and facial concerns. Mrs Campbell was up-to recently an NHS Consultant in Orthodontics and is vastly experienced in providing treatment for these more complex problems. She continues to work closely with her Oral & Maxillofacial surgical colleagues to treat a large number of adult patients requiring this more complicated multi-disciplinary management.

Treatment types

There are two main orthodontic treatment options for adult patients. ‘Limited Objectives Treatment’, sometimes marketed as ‘fast-braces’ treatment, and ‘Comprehensive Treatment’ both of which summarised as follows:

Limited Objectives Treatment Comprehensive Treatment
Normally provided by a General dentist Normally provided by a Specialist in Orthodontics
Simple treatment that aims to fully straighten and improve the front teeth only More complex treatment that aims to fully straighten the upper and lower teeth
Treatment normally lasts 6-12 months Treatment normally lasts 18-24 months
It doesn’t correct the ‘bite’ or allow significant widening of a narrow smile Allows full correction of the ‘bite’ (e.g. correcting protrusive teeth,deep bites, open bites and narrow smiles)
Is normally less stable in the long-term Is normally more stable in the long-term

Your Specialist Orthodontist will advise you at your initial consultation which treatment and brace option would be the most suitable option to help straighten the teeth and create your beautiful new smile!

Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening

Following orthodontic treatment, you may also like to consider whitening your beautiful new smile. We offer Boutique Take Home Whitening Treatment.

  • Tooth whitening gel is placed by you in a tray that has been custom-made to fit over your teeth, like a very thin gum shield.
  • The tray containing the gel is worn for a set period, once a day for 7-14 days.

If you have any questions about Adult Orthodontics please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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