which invisible brace
Mr Oliver Campbell
17, Sep 2020

Brace technology has changed a lot in the past 5-10 years and nowhere is this more noticeable than in the field of ‘invisible’ treatment. No more are metal braces the only option for treatment… there are transparent clear aligner braces, also lingual braces that can be placed on the inside of the teeth and beautifully engineered clear, crystalline brackets that blend more with the natural colour of the teeth, are all fabulous options for those patients whose lifestyles demand a more discrete brace system.

Who can have ‘invisible’ treatment?… Patients of all ages who are thinking about orthodontic treatment are suitable for this type of treatment. Whether it’s an adult patient who needs to have less visible brace due to their work commitments or that teenage patient who is self-conscious about the appearance of the brace, the specialist orthodontists at Newbury Orthodontic Centre are experts in assessing your orthodontic needs. Working together with you, we can recommend the most suitable brace system to achieve that amazing new smile.

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