Mr Oliver Campbell
17, Sep 2020

Newbury Orthodontic Centre is very excited to be launching a number of new, innovative digital technologies which not only helps us to keep providing the best treatment for our patients but greatly improves the patient experience during their orthodontic journey to a beautiful new smile. These technologies also have the added patient benefits of fewer face-to-face visits needed to the practice which helps to reduce travel time, cost and other stresses; a big win! These technologies include:

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The arrival of these technologies is especially relevant during the COVID pandemic as it helps us to continue working safely and helps keep patients safe.

For example, our LVSV service available through our website,, allows you to upload images of your mouth and teeth in a secure, safe way from the comfort of your own home from your iPad or iPhone, imagine that! Once your photos have been uploaded, you will then be able to arrange a virtual chat with one of our orthodontic treatment-coordinators to discuss general aspects of orthodontic treatment. Common questions such as: What braces will work best for me? How long does treatment take? How much do braces cost? can be easily answered and will help you understand the orthodontic journey more before you are ready to attend the practice. It’s a great way of taking that first step towards that life-changing smile!

Please get in touch with us today if you need more information about any of these services.

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